Wedding Catering


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Weddings are spectacular and joyous celebrations of love, and at Chef Von 360, we are the perfect catering partners to turn your BIG DAY into an unforgettable feast!

St. Petersburg, Florida allows couples to celebrate their nuptials with the most idyllic and scenic settings. Whether you choose to celebrate on a sandy beach or book a resort to bask under the golden sunshine, this is THE place to celebrate this joyous event.

Chef Von 360 will help you put together an elaborate menu that will delight your guests with its endless spread of delicacies and delectables.

A Scrumptious Wedding Feast

At Chef Von 360, we want our couples to be able to truly enjoy their celebrations instead of fretting over last-minute cancellations and catering hazards. Despite the joy and excitement, rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions can be extremely stressful for brides, who have to constantly run after caterers and decorations to ensure everything is top-notch.

Working with our highly skilled and dedicated team allows you the freedom of sitting back and relaxing so you can enjoy every second of your Big Day!

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous couples from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Our experience has enriched our skill set with such striking diversity, and allowed us to grasp the culinary preferences and requirements of various communities. We can help you curate a specialized and diverse menu that will delight every single guest on your guest list.

Modern-day weddings are all about multi-cultural guest lists and ethnic diversity, and at Chef Von 360, we can help you create a menu that is tasty and suited to the theme.

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Food as an Art Form

Aside from celebrating the nuptials of their loved ones, wedding guests are always eager to behold the sight of a delicious wedding feast. At Chef Von 360, we specialize in excelling expectations by putting together a wedding feast that is full of surprises and excitement.

As trained culinary experts, we align our talents and skills to present food as a creative art form, and make sure that your wedding feast is the talk of the town! People usually forget the décor and bridal dress, but they never forget the scrumptious taste of exquisite desserts and savoury meals.

Many of our clients approach us with exciting ideas to thematic food presentations and ornamented Hors d’oeuvre. Our creative consultation process allows our clients to explore an endless array of creative inspirations to refine their vision for their wedding feast.

For further information, feel free to get in touch with our team and book a consultation session with our professional chef.