When it comes to planning a big event, your mind might be buzzing with concerns about everything from the guest list to the menu. Fortunately, with the right vegetarian catering company by your side, you can easily sit back, relax, and enjoy your next big catered event with a great plate of your favorite plant based or vegan foods. At Chef Von 360 we understand how challenging it can be to plan a successful event. So call us at 727-479-7948 to speak with us about acting as your vegan catering expert for your next big event.

Here are a few very important questions that you should ask your next potential vegetarian or vegan caterers to help you choose the perfect vegan catering company to work with for your next catered event.

What Does Your Catering Service Include?

Before you decide to book ANY catering service, make sure that you understand everything that the catering service includes for your specific catering occasion. Catering can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you wish. As an example, while there are some caterers simply offer food drop-off, there are other companies that give their clientele the option of using a full wait staff to handle things like water refills and table service.

Have You Catered an Event at this Venue Before?

Although it might seem inconsequential, make sure that your caterer has worked an event at your chosen venue before. Caterers who are familiar with different sites and work with owners frequently might have special access to food preparation areas, an understanding of the building, and relationships that can streamline your event.

How Many Full-Service Catering Events Do You Normally Book?

Ask how many events your caterer has booked on the day of your party, and make sure they have enough staff members and equipment to handle your event. If your caterer seems unsure or nervous about their workload for your special day, take your time and keep shopping until you find the perfect plant based or vegetarian personal chef who is competent, and most important, one with good food.

Now that You Know What Questions to Ask a Caterer

If you have an upcoming event where you would like to take a chance with one of the best plant-based or vegan chefs in the area. When you are ready, you can feel confident that you can choose a caterer that has the experience, equipment, and organization to get the job done. That catering company is Chef Von 360. Call us at 727-479-7948 to speak with a catering specialist to help you plan as successful event.