Plant friendly, vegan and vegetarian eating is a good thing, yet it comes with a number of challenges. How do you have an event when you need a vegetarian personal chef or vegan catering? Well, no matter how casual, formal, large, or small your event, a hiring a vegetarian catering service will make the planning process more efficient. If you haven’t hired a vegan caterer in the past, you may wonder if you really need to hire a company to provide this type of service. Well, pretty much any kind of gathering can benefit from ordering food from a catering company. Here are the top four most common types of events for catering where a vegetarian chef can come in handy!

Weddings Need Catering Services

If you think back to any wedding you’ve attended, chances are, the reception was catered. On average, couples are expected to feed 136 guests. When you’re planning every aspect of the wedding, from the venue for the rehearsal dinner to the entertainment and the father of the bride dance, it is a fact that you will need a quality catering service to take care of the food.

Cocktail Receptions Need Caterers

Cocktail receptions are versatile and can range from get-togethers for your book club to an open house or gallery opening. For these events, coming up with plant-based appetizers, healthy but delicious desserts, and healthy vegan side items are the best options. Vegan and plant-based finger foods make it easy snacks and light, creatively constructed beverages are perfect for mingling at your cocktail focused event.

Social Gatherings Require Catering

Every social gathering is an occasion that requires catering. Partygoers need good food to keep the festivities going. Whether it’s a birthday party, baby shower, family reunion, or holiday party, catering is a great way to offer your family and friends a delicious meal. The best caterers will allow you to customize your menu to suit the theme of the event or tastes of your guests.

Corporate Events Need a Caterer

Free food can be a fantastic reward and motivator for employees and a gesture of thanks to clients or partners. For anyone, a meal at work will help supply the energy necessary to get through the day. Catering is popular for all types of corporate events, including office lunches, meetings, training sessions, and regional events.

Do You Need Catering Services?

At Chef Von 360 we provide top notch vegan catering services for a number of events. Call and schedule your plant-based catering event with Chef Von 360 at 727-479-7948 today.