An essential aspect of planning an event is ensuring your guests are well fed. When you have your next event, catering is a simple yet cost-effective way of providing a delicious, ready-made plant-based meals to everyone in attendance. With so many vegetarian options available, many event planners have trouble putting together a menu that everyone will enjoy. The following guide outlines the proper steps to creating a crowd-pleasing time for catering services, even corporate catering events.

Consider the Theme

Before making any decisions, think about the details surrounding your event. What season will it be? Your guests may appreciate and refreshing finger foods during the summer and warm, hearty dishes in the winter. Does your event have a special theme, like an “Animal Friendly” event.  When you ask a caterer a question, you should consider tying the caterer’s special dishes into the overall theme of your special occasion.

Order More Food Than You Think You Need

When it comes to feeding a group, it’s always better to have too much food than not enough. Hungry attendees will not be pleased with a lack of food if they were expecting a meal. If possible, make certain to give the catering company an accurate headcount of the guests you’re expecting. In case RSVPs are not mandatory for your function, order a little more food than you think you’ll need. That way, no one goes unfed, and most importantly, you ensure that you are not going to run out of food.

Give Guests Plenty of Options

You want to make sure that during your occasion that requires catering, all of your guests have an enjoyable time at the event, and to please as many guests as possible, make it a point to provide a diverse selection of dishes. Many of the plant based and vegan food options that we carry for our clients are diverse in flavor, naturally. For your event that you are planning, you should select at least two different entrees, a wide variety of sides, delectable appetizers, and at least two types of dessert. Always offer healthy options and try to vary the flavors of the plates you choose, this is accomplished easily with our plant based, vegetarian and vegan food options.

Anticipate Dietary Restrictions

To be sure, there are a plethora of dietary restrictions that you should keep in mind when planning your catered event. If possible, ask potential guests to share any of their food allergies and/or food preferences on your invitations. However, if you don’t have your guests’ food specifications readily available, you should research the most common dietary restrictions that do not correlate well with certain menus, such as a plant based catered event. Provide options for those with food allergies and intolerances, religious requirements, and vegetarian diets.

Think Outside the Box

As the person planning the special event planner, this is your chance to get really creative. This is when you should explore hiring a vegetarian catering company for your event! When you are on the hunt, look out for specialty catering companies that can offer unique and special packages that will both surprise and delight the events guests. You can go the next step and you can make your catered event extra special with special vegetarian food options like local favorites, vegan hors d’oeuvres, vegetarian fajita bars, and internationally-themed packages.

 When You Need Catering for Your Event

If you need a professional vegetarian event catering service in the Pinellas Park area, look no further than Chef Von 360. We proudly serve residents and businesses in the area. As a vegetarian wedding caterer, a plant-based chef or vegetarian personal chef, we are a catering company that will help you to elevate your event with a wide selection of entrees, hors d’oeuvres, buffets, and sandwich tables. Every dish that we serve at Chef Von 360 is prepared with only the highest-quality, locally sourced ingredients, delivered fresh to your event. Call us at 727-479-7948 as soon as possible for a free catering consultation.