Family Gatherings


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Joyous and blessed are the occasions with families get together, and one can bask in the love that one shares with family and friends. There is no bond stronger than family, and our most cherished memories always go back to delicious meals shared with our siblings and parents over bouts of laughter and lively banter.

At Chef Von 360, we are dedicated to making family gatherings all the more special and fun. How, you ask? Our experienced and dedicated catering staff will transform your family event into a spectacular feast of rich, gastronomic flavours. We can cater to both large and small groups of people, and prepare your favourite cuisines and recipes, exactly the way you like them.

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Play the Hostess without the Hassle!

We all adore family gatherings, but for the hosts, planning the event can be quite overwhelming. Cooking for a large group of people is not just a costly endeavour, but in fact, it is hectic and requires a lot of work. Aside from cooking and setting up the table, you have to bend over backwards to be meticulous about serving the beverages and the appetizers.

Naturally, all hosts and hostesses want to cast a good impression with an elaborate setup that allows their guests to relax and sit down for a fabulous dinner with multiple courses. However, curating such a menu and delivering excellence can turn out to be more challenging than one expects it to be.

We present you the perfect opportunity to play the hostess without the hassle: hire our professional catering service to deliver freshly prepared meals and an elaborate display of cleverly scheduled courses.

Our catering services can be tailored to suit your needs and the theme of your event. Are you planning an extravagantly lavish Christmas dinner with the finest wines and delicious Holiday-inspired recipes? We can help you put together a fantastic, festive menu and our team of servers and catering staff will transform your dinner into a royal affair.

If you’re hoping to create a more intimate and special family gathering to celebrate an engagement or just enjoy the company of your family and relatives; we have some amazing ideas to make your gathering special and memorable. Our professional chef can help you prepare a scrumptious meal that offers endless variety and diversity and a low-key and romantic affair.

If you’d like to discuss your family event in more detail, feel free to get in touch with our culinary experts right away!