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Corporate events are an excellent strategy to cement one’s position as an industry leader, and make a good impression on consumers, corporate associates and networking partners. Do you the one element that people never forget about an event? It’s not the décor or the setup, or even the line-up of speakers and entertainments. Then, what could it be?
It’s the food. People who attend corporate events, or any kind of events for that matter, are always looking forward to devouring a free feast. In fact, many customers and clients tend to attend corporate events in the lure of food and personalized gifts, allowing businesses an opportunity to introduce them to their services or products.
If you want to hold a successful corporate event in St. Petersburg, Florida, and ensure a higher turnaround for your future events, you need to set up an elaborate display of food. At Chef Von 360, we are the ideal collaborators to turn your corporate event into a raving success!

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A Diverse Experience

As one of the most trusted professional chefs and catering experts in St. Petersburg, Florida, we have won over our corporate client with our meticulous attention to detail and our inventive flair for creativity.

Over the years, we have catered to a diverse array of corporate events, and each client has unique requirements. For instance, clients who seek to establish their brand image and attract consumers seek to provide appetizers and snacks that can cater to a large group of people. Naturally, they want a cost-efficient solution without compromising quality. We provide them with an elaborate display of multiple cuisines and food items without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, many of our clients seek to throw extravagant corporate events to impress their networking partners and foreign businesses associates. Such corporate events require a distinctive and lavish flair for luxury, and we deliver nothing but the best. We specialize in incorporating elements that win over guests, such as incorporating elements from their cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Our diversity and experience have enriched us with a refined skill set and dynamic confidence when it comes to being creative and inventive. Our professional chefs and catering team will create a memorable and highly refined dining experience for your corporate guests. We can explore various themes and cuisine to refine your vision and create a spectacular corporate affair.

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