Contactless Gatherings


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In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone around the globe is stricken with panic and grief. Aside from the overwhelming fear and panic created by this deadly virus, we are all suffering from anxiety and stress that stems from being distant from our loved ones and family members. Our family and friends are vital support systems that nurture us, groom us and shower us with unconditional support.

Being away from our support systems for such a long period of time can take a toll on our mental wellbeing and life quality. Chef Von 360 has an ideal solution to win back our support systems and create a rainbow of hope in these dark and desperate times: contactless gatherings!

Socialize at a Distance

There is a broad range of SOPs and guidelines that can be followed to socialize mindfully and avoid the spread of the virus. At Chef Von 360, we can help cater your contactless gatherings with our meticulous attention to detail and by diligently ensuring that all hygiene protocols and SOPs have been duly followed.

In recent months, we have cultivated a specialized skill set in catering contactless gatherings and upholding superior quality standards to ensure safety. We have a highly efficient and 100% safe process of preparing healthful meals using fresh and organically grown ingredients.

We understand the concerns of our clients when it comes to hygiene and healthcare issues, and we take into account all their requirements to offer a personalized catering solution.

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At Chef Von 360, we have a zero-tolerance policy for unhygienic processes, and all our staff members are obligated to adhere to our strict rules and regulations. We go above and beyond to deliver hygienic, delicious and safe food to our clients, and we undertake various measures to ensure contactless deliveries.

Even though it pains us to accept this reality, but it seems that contactless gatherings are here to stay until we find a concrete and promising solution to beat the coronavirus once and for all. Until then, Chef Von 360 is your ideal catering partner for contactless gatherings. Despite the restrictions and strict regulations, we can still help you throw a memorable and spectacular feast with an elaborate menu and set-up.

If you want to discuss your contactless event in more details, feel free to book a consultation session with our culinary experts. We will be happy to walk you through our contactless catering services and SOPs.